Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Super Heat Transfer Material Heater of High Intelligence 江苏省超特大型热载体炉高智能工程技术研究中心
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Introduction R & D capabilities
  The Center has area of 780m2, including the physics laboratory, chemical analysis room, measuring test room and welding lab. There are more than 30 experimental equipments and analytical equipments in it.
  The Center has 60 technical personnel and other engineers of boiler, machine, thermal power, macaronis, mechanical manufacturing, technology, metal heat treatment, welding, mold design, electronic equipment. (Including 34 senior titles)
  The Center led by Director of the Technical Committee are formed by CEEF Co., Ltd., Mechanical and Energy Engineering college of Changzhou University, the domestic sector, the business community composed of 7 renowned experts for the major consideration in planning and researching the R&D programs, evaluation of  the engineering experiment design as well as offering heating technology, economic advice and market information.

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