Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Super Heat Transfer Material Heater of High Intelligence 江苏省超特大型热载体炉高智能工程技术研究中心
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Jiangsu  Engineering  Research  Center  for  Super  Heat  Transfer  Material  Heater  of  High  Intelligence

   Jiangsu  Engineering  Research  Center  for  Super  Heat  Transfer  Material  Heater  of  High  Intelligence is a subsidiary products institute, the core of technology of CEEF Co., Ltd.

   CEEF Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, which is currently the largest and oldest heat carrier furnace company in design, research, production and sales. For 30 years experience, the company has become the largest heat carrier furnace R & D base, the high-tech enterprise, AAA level trustworthy enterprises in Jiangsu Province, received a number of honors from the province, the Ministry and the Nation over the years.

   Our company undertook the scientific and technological tasks for a national organic heat carrier furnace "Seventh Five Plan", the national "Eighth Five" major scientific and technological achievements promotion and application support unit; the manufacturer of "Innovation and Manufacturing Project for Localization of National Key Technical Equipment—Localization of Ultra-large Heat Medium Furnace"; the two national standards drafting unit of GB/T17410-2008" organic heat carrier furnace ", CB/T3945-2002" Marine Hot Oil Furnace ", (the two standards are the international advanced level ). In 2000, first compiled in the domestic implementation of the molten salt furnace product standards (Standard No.: Q/320400NS014-2000), the company prepared the equivalent ISO9001"pressure vessel quality manual" in Jiangsu Province as the model manual.

   Our company has eight professional rooms, they are sytem, vessels, electric equipmen, heater body process and micocomputer. The Research Institute Center is mainly engaged in technique, the staff numbers are experienced in designing coal/oil/ gas-fired heat carrier furnace, as well as in flow, temperature, pressure control, pressure vessel and the combustion process monitoring accumulation. We established a long-term relationship with many colleges to enhance the company's R & D capability.

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