Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Super Heat Transfer Material Heater of High Intelligence 江苏省超特大型热载体炉高智能工程技术研究中心
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CEEF always paid more attention on achievement transformation between science development and technology projects. Taking full advantage of research superiority on Heat Transfer Material Heater (HTM Heater), CEEF regularly organize the researchers and technicians to conduct a survey and investigate of foreign same category products. On the foundation of learning application status, CEEF will have optimal design on system, structure, control and so on. In recent three years, CEEF had 15 technology projects, 3 patents for utility models and 3 proprietary technologies. In addition, 5 invention patents and 4 utility patents have been formal accepted by state intellectual property office, and one of them have already been made public and achieved the transformation, to be sold as high technology product. In 2008, the sales of high-tech product were 1.1465 billion RMB, accounted for 64.25% of total sales.

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