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  First, under the same thermal load, to study the relationship between the proportion arrangement and the thermal efficiency of furnace heating surface radiation and convection surface. In other words, according to the distribution of the different area, what is the thermal efficiency difference and diversification rules.These findings will result to better design our future heating surface radiation and convection. At present, there is not yet convincing theoretical and practical basis in the heating industry line.

  Second, to study the flue gas flow rate to the furnace output through convection heating surface , especially when the flue gas flow rate is more than 20m / s and what is the exactly effect, which requires real output testing and calculation. The application of the results will be able to effectively reduce the metal consumption and improve thermal efficiency of the boiler.

  Third, to test the heat carrier flows can also determine, under certain conditions, the relationship between two pumps in parallel, multi-pump parallel and the single pump, so as to ensure an effective basis for design and security of super flow furnace.

  Fourth , to study the impact of the different media, conducting oil and boiler thermal efficiency so as to consider the relationship between investment and long-term gains.

  Fifth, under the special temperature accuracy requirement, the research of difference between the single and multi-furnace control and to seek the best control way. Computer control system takes a fuzzy control technology, the classic PID control, multivariable decoupling techniques, Schmidt predictive control technology to a number of highly targeted combination methods.
According to the parameters such as input temperature of medium (molten salt or conducting oil), heat load, oil temperature, oil pressure and output temperature of medium to implement closed-loop control of combustion. To implement the burner air flow, steam and other closed-loop control in accordance with O2 content, oil content and other parameters。The boiler use pipe pre-heat system, and set the temperature control point for implementation of the ATC control and alarm warm to control the preheat temperature required when molten salt into the loop (195 ℃ -200 ℃); in this way to improve the adaptability of molten salt furnace start and stop frequently is safe and let it be reliable and time-saving.

  Sixth, for fuel diversity, to study the furnace arc and combustion manner in safety configuration and optimal benefit.

  Seventh, to study the optimization of dust collection efficiency for different fuel combustion products with single or multi-stage dust collection system in order to meet the need of the environmental protection and to achieve economic and social benefits of the double harvest.

  Eighth, to research and application the new structure and process, oil heat carrier furnace fully equipped with vertical-type burning roof. Tube takes closely spaced spiral, hanging structure to absorb the thermal expansion to eliminate or reduce the thermal stress. Multiple tube coil and welding process forming at one time. Heat carrier furnace coils inside and outside have the overall heat treatment to eliminate welding stress.

  Ninth, to further study the heat pipe technology with national patent, international advanced technology of high efficiency and low-NOx in combustion as well as the desulfurization technology of coal.

  The Centre will rely on mechanical and energy engineering college of Changzhou University to have extensive research cooperation to promote the sound development of the Centre.

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